The BlueGreen Machine:

Affordable Water Recycling

Let your money & your water do double duty

When precious water runs down the drain, your money goes with it, especially if:

  • you're on a closed septic system and have to pay to truck out wastewater

  • you use a significant amount of water for irrigation, laundry, or other water-intensive activities

  • you live in an area with high municipal water costs


Our modular, customized BlueGreen Machine can save you money two ways:

  • reduce municipal water costs because you're reusing what you're paying for

  • reduce or eliminate wastewater disposal costs

How it Works:

  • We consult with you to determine your unique system needs & assemble your BlueGreen Machine accordingly.

  • System is housed in an appropriately sized, secure, portable mechanical room and placed on your property. 

  • Selected wastewater is directed to the BlueGreen Machine, where the system filters & purifies it to appropriate levels for specified uses.

  • Treated water is now redirected to its next use (e.g., irrigation, toilet flushing, laundry).

  • System is monitored & adjusted as needed.

Find out if a BlueGreen Machine is right for you.
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