Water purification

Make sure the water you're drinking, cooking with, and bathing in is as clean as possible.


A genius & affordable way to solve your septic problems.

Water reuse

Our customized water recycling systems can save you water, money, & time.

Water is our life.

Do you know how clean your water is?

We're used to trusting what comes

out of the faucet, but many people don't realize that polluted tap water is a growing problem in the US

By taking control of how your water is treated, you not only guarantee healthy water for your home, business, or garden, you're also helping to improve

the water for your whole community.

Let us show you how.

Get your water tested.

Schedule a free initial consultation.


Take charge of your water quality.

Like having your own personal water treatment plant,

the WaterPOD (Purification On Demand) gives you the purest water anywhere, with none of the hassle & waste of other filtration systems.


Keep your septic system clean, naturally.

When you're dealing with septic problems,

you need straight answers

& affordable, effective solutions.

The Pirana System is the inexpensive & easy-to-install solution that takes the hassle out of owning a septic system.  


Because water was never meant

to be a single-use item.

Our modular, customized BlueGreen Machines can 
recycle wastewater for a variety of uses, including:
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