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I thought you guys were called Beyond Laundry and were starting a laundromat - why the change?

As we've worked to develop our water-recycling system, we've seen the need to widen our mission and offer water solutions for a variety of situations, not just laundry. So we changed our name to reflect that. The laundromat is still definitely part of our bigger vision, though, and we're working toward it one step at a time!

Where is your office?

We're located in the DesGeorges building at 129 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Suite J. It's the building right in front of where Eske's used to be.

Water purification & Water PODs

How does the Water POD system work?

The POD is hooked up to your incoming water supply and consists of multiple different filters chosen based on your unique water quality from among over 40 different options in order to give you the best water quality available.

What's the difference between the Water POD 8 and the Water POD Flex?

The Water POD 8 is primarily for residential use and consists of 8 filters chosen based on your water quality. The Flex is primarily for commercial use and can deal with bigger loads and flows, with more filters. The number of filters is adjusted for your specific situation.

How do I know if I need my water purified?

It's important to get your water tested, even if you're in an area with no publicized water quality issues. For one thing, when municipal water is tested for compliance, it's tested at the source (the treatment plant) and there are a variety of factors that can affect the water quality by the time it reaches your home or business. Give us a call at 575.770.3946 to come test your water at an affordable price.

Is the Water POD suitable for off-grid situations?

Yes! It's very solar-friendly; the power usage is the equivalent of running a 25-watt lightbulb. And the POD can be hooked up to the water coming from your cistern.

How often do POD filters need to be changed?

That really depends on your initial water quality and how much water you're using. What's great, though, is that the monitoring app that you'll have access to can automatically let you know when filters need to be changed.

Septic systems & the Pirana solution

My plumbing fixtures, such as toilets and bathtub/shower drain slowly, make strange gurgling noises or completely stop draining. What should I do?

First, you'll need to have your septic system inspected. The tank may simply need to be pumped. After pumping you will know if the disposal field is functioning properly. It may be necessary to install a Pirana in the septic tank to remediate the disposal field. If after pumping the tank there are still problems with plumbing fixtures draining properly, have the waste pipes to the septic tank inspected.

What should I do if I have green growth or dead spots over my septic system?

Contact us for help! If your septic system is 20+ years old, it has probably reached the end of its design life. If reasonably less than 20+ years old, this problem can be caused by physical factors that need to be investigated. Have the tank pumped and the septic system inspected. If it is determined that the disposal field is at the end of its useful life, you should install a Pirana and remediate the disposal field.

Why are there wet spots or surfacing effluent over my disposal field or septic tank?

This can have a variety of causes. If your septic systems is at or near its design life (20 to 25 years), the most likely cause is biomat clogging of the soil. If the age of your septic system is dramatically less than there can be numerous other problems. Contact us for assistance.

How can I know if I have roots clogging my septic system?

Plumbing fixtures can drain slowly or completely back up, make strange noises or liquid can surface or wet spots can form around the septic tank. If this is the case, have the septic tank cleaned and inspected, and if the inlet pipe is impacted with roots, have the root mass removed. Consider removing the trees or shrubs that are the source of the roots. Have the septic tank inspected for cracks. Install a Pirana to keep the septic tank clean and during the annual inspection remove any new root growth.

Why do you say I shouldn't use bacteria and enzyme additives like RidX for my septic system?

The use of these products can cause premature septic system failure. Their frequent use can reduce septic tank pumping but for the wrong reason. The concentration of enzymes in these products break down the retained solids in a septic tank and cause them to suspend within the septic tank liquid. Bacteria in the products can live in the septic tank for a few days. In the septic tank they produce additional enzymes. These bacteria do very little digestion. More solids suspend in the septic tank liquid and leave the septic tank to be deposited in the disposal field. There these solids enhance disposal field failure. Contact us for more info on why a Pirana system is a far superior solution.

I've heard that the prescription drugs I take can mess up my septic system. Why is this and what can I do about it?

Septic tanks need microbes. Pharmaceutical chemicals and drugs, commonly excreted in urine, can be powerful poisons for microbes. The most problematic drugs are those used in chemo therapy, antibiotics and immune suppression drugs. Many other classes of drugs can also be toxic. Without microbes, solids can leave the septic tank and end up in the disposal field. Frequent inspections should be made to evaluate septic system function during period of drug use. If toxicity becomes an issue, measures should be taken to stop problems from septic tank malfunction. The Pirana system can be adapted and modified to reduce drug toxicity.

Do water softeners cause problems for my septic system?

Water softeners that discharge backwash into a septic tank can cause problems two ways. The first is the increase in the PH of the liquid effluent in the septic tank that can reach concentrations that can kill bacteria. Salt is a preservative that kills bacteria that spoil (or consume) organic material we call food. Consuming too much salt will cause problems in our digestive tract by damaging the community of intestinal bacteria we have living in our intestines. These intestinal bacteria are the major community of bacteria living in an anaerobic septic tank. The second is the potential for salt to clog certain kinds of soils. Clays and other fine particulate soils can have the salt from the softener bind up and concentrate in these soils around the disposal field and inhibit the movement of liquid further into the soil. Have the septic system inspected to diagnose the potential for the septic tank separation process to be inhibited and soils to be impaired by salt. There are several chemical treatments or additives that can be used to mobilize the salt and remove it from the soils around the disposal field. Redirecting the backwash discharge line to another place is an easy option. We have suggestions and designs to accomplish this.

Water recycling & the BlueGreen Machine

Has the BlueGreen Machine been tested?

With the technical support of LANL engineers through a grant program, a pilot project is currently underway at a small business in Taos. Preliminary designs have been completed & installation is planned for spring 2019.

How much does a BlueGreen Machine cost?

Because it’s a customized system, the price will vary. We offer free consultation to determine if a BlueGreen Machine is right for you.

Water Testing

Will you test my water even if I'm not going to buy a POD?

Absolutely! And our water tests are more affordable than most on the market.

How do I know if I need my water tested?

Contact us to schedule an appointment. We'll begin by providing you with a short questionnaire to fill out ahead of time.

Can I get my well water tested?

Yes, our water tests are for any potable water source.

How comprehensive is your water test?

Very. We test for 34 separate contaminants, as well as hardness, color, and odor.

Do you come and take water samples or do I take the samples myself?

Whichever you prefer. The kit comes with complete instructions for taking the samples and sending them to our partner lab, but if you prefer us to take care of those parts, we are more than happy to.

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