Our Story

It all starts with a shared passion for water, sustainability, & community.

Here in the high desert mountain town of Taos, NM, we know how precious our water is.

Since 2015, we at Beyond BlueGreen have been working together to fulfill our vision of
integrating economic, environmental & social abundance through regenerative hubs 
for conserving, reusing, learning about & celebrating water 
Our mission is to build, manage & replicate "community laundry centers" that promote water conservation & sustainability.

How We Roll

(Or "Our Core Values," if you prefer)
We follow the water

We recognize we are servants, students, and stewards of water and the health and abundance it brings to individuals and communities; we flow where we’re needed.

We seek synergy

We work to integrate, collaborate, and harmonize wherever and whenever we can.

We embrace our

As we recognize, celebrate, and capitalize on our strengths, we also bravely and humbly work on recognizing, acknowledging, and forgiving our flaws, committed to continually learning and growing.

PO Box 3363

Taos, NM  87571



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