Pirana: Your Septic Problems Solved

How it Works:

The Pirana unit sits on the bottom of your septic tank & grows a powerful species of natural bacteria, a form of microbe, in your septic tank. 

Inside the Pirana, the Pirana Blend bacteria grow and multiply extremely fast, & digest all household wastes sent to your septic tank.

Every day, huge numbers of Pirana Blend bacteria travel to the disposal field in the liquid from the septic tank. In the disposal field, the Pirana Blend bacteria eat biomat, the sludge that builds up & clogs septic systems.

When the Pirana Blend bacteria have eaten enough biomat to reduce its thickness, liquid from the septic tank can again be absorbed into the soil. The septic system is now restored. Over time, the biomat is completely digested by the Pirana Blend bacteria.

Continued operation of a Pirana System in the septic tank will keep the biomat from forming & causing future problems. 


"The Piranas have provided a practical, economical solution to what appeared to be a large & expensive problem."

~ Dan Christensen, owner Travel Shore MHP, Mendocino County, CA

"Seeing is believing!!!!...2.5 weeks ago the tank was 2" from overflowing out the cover & the field was completely flooded & breaking out. Today, amazingly, the liquid level in the tank is 12" below...Maybe we should rename the Pirana Mr. Clean."

~ Hank Huber, owner, Huber System Designs, New Hampshire

"I do 50% of my business in the months of June, July & August. There is no gooey crust, I doubt that I'll ever pump the tanks again, the sediment is gone, & the water in the field is barely detectable. This total rejuvenation took place at our peak volume period."

~ David Beier, Chef Proprietor, Walloon Lake Inn, Travers County, MI

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